Free Shipping
on orders of $99.00 or more.

How can I qualify for free shipping?

For your order to qualify for Free Standard Shipping, the order must meet all of the following requirements:

Order must be under 20 pounds in total weight.
◦ Orders over 20 pounds will not qualify for Free Standard Shipping..

Every item in the order must be eligible for Free Standard Shipping
◦ To see an items that are eligible for Free Standard Shipping simply look for the logo.
◦ Items that do not display these icons are not eligible for Free Shipping at all.

If you are eligible for Free Standard Shipping, it should automatically apply as you place your order. There are expedited shipping options that you can choose and if you do not want any of these, please make sure that the shipping method you have chosen is Free Standard Shipping.

If you still have questions feel free to call us.
Our phone number is listed at the top of every page.