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smooth, creamy, sweet
Tea Benefits of White Tea:
• Delicious source of antioxidants
• May support healthy skin and complexion.
• Promotes detoxification and body hydration
• Low in caffeine: approximately 1% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee

The least processed teas are white teas. White teas contain only the buds and very young leaves of the tea plant. As a result, they are rarer and often more expensive. Their straightforward, yet delicate taste and health profile, similar to green teas, have helped them burst onto the Western tea scene in recent years.

While white teas are "less processed" than greens, they are actually usually more somewhat more oxidized. Mild oxidation occurs during the "wilting" stage, when white tea is air-dried after it is first picked. It is then baked, dried further, and it may be very lightly rolled, but little is done to change what was picked from the plant. Because white teas are slightly oxidized they don't usually need to be steeped as carefully as greens. Unlike green tea, steeping white tea with boiling water, or for a longer time period or time, will still produce good results.

Grown mostly in the famous Fujian province white teas have several well-known and rare blends. The most famous is Bao Hao Yinzhen or "Silver Needles". White tea is picked between March 15 and April 10 when precipitation is at its lowest, insuring a fair amount of undamaged and unopened buds. This is a very high grade tea and one of the most sought after; prized, and revered blends for the tea connoisseur .

While green and black teas have been flavored and scented for centuries, flavored white teas are a relatively new creation. We have found that white tea enhances other flavors, and consider our White Ambrosia and White Ginger Pear blends to be among our most innovative.

Generally, brewing white tea requires hot water at 175º (simply add two ice cubes for every 8 oz of boiling water to achieve this temperature).  Use 1.5 tsp of loose tea per 8 oz of water and steep for 4-5 minutes if using unflavored white tea and 1 minute for flavored white teas. Each of Teavana’s loose white teas will come with specific preparation instructions, including the amount of tea to use per 8 oz. of water, at what temperature the water should be, and how long the tea must steep before it is ready.  Please refer to the individual tea package for the exact instructions on how to make the perfect cup of white tea.