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Tropical Pepper Banana Ketchup - 5 fl oz
Tropical Pepper Banana Ketchup - 5 fl oz
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Tropical Pepper Banana Ketchup.
Banana ketchup or banana sauce is a popular Philippine condiment made from mashed banana, sugar, vinegar, and spices. Its natural color is brownish, so it is often dyed red to resemble tomato ketchup. Banana ketchup was made when there was a shortage of tomato ketchup during World War II, due to lack of tomatoes and a comparatively high production of bananas.
Banana ketchup is sweeter than tomato ketchup and is similar in taste to the Indonesian Kecap manis and the Thai sweet chili sauce. In Filipino households, this ubiquitous condiment is used on just about any dish - omelettes (torta), hot dogs, burgers, fries, fish and other meats. Banana ketchup is also a vital and distinct ingredient in Filipino-style spaghetti (sweeter than the traditional Italian spaghetti).
Net Wt 5 fl oz

Banana Ketchup. It sounds strange, doesn't it? But it's been a staple in Caribbean kitchens for generations, where the people know how well it provides a satisfying cool to a rich, spicy meal. Tropical Pepper Company is glad to bring this unique condiment north, where you'll enjoy a splash of it on your beans and rice, or chicken fajitas, or burritos; it is surprisingly tasty on foods on which you'd use traditional tomato ketchup, like burgers and French fries. Once you try it, you'll realize it's not nearly as strange as it sounds!