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Scot-Tussin Cough, Cold and Allergy Medicine
Is Sugar-Free, Alcohol Free, Sodium Free and Dye Free

SCOT-TUSSIN is the first Cough/Cold/Allergy Medicine safe for patients with:
Diabetes, Celiac Sprue, Heart Conditions, High Blood Pressure, Thyroidism, Alcoholism, Obesity, Sensitivity to Alcohol or Dyes, and Epileptic children on Ketogenic diets.

In 1956, Professor S.G. Scotti, a registered pharmacist and college professor with a doctorate in Chemistry and Pharmacology was moonlighting in various pharmacies when he noticed that diabetics were being given medications loaded with sugar. Being a diabetic himself, he thought this practice unwise and decided to create a sugar-free and alcohol-free cough/cold medicine for them.
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Scot-Tussin - DM Cough Cold Formula Sugar Free - 4oz