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Neuragen PN and Neuragen Gel


Homeopathic Treatment for Nerve Pain

The first fast-acting topical treatment for severe, disabling nerve pain—the result of over ten years of research.

Neuragen is a non-prescription proprietary topical medication for temporary relief of nerve pain caused by a variety of conditions.

Extensive use of Neuragen, including several controlled clinical trials, demonstrates its effectiveness as a topical analgesic which quickly relieves nerve pain, without troublesome side effects.

Most topical analgesics now on the market are useful for muscle aches and related inflammatory pain, but not for nerve pain – Neuragen helps for pain the others don’t touch. Neuragen is non-toxic, does not numb the area of application and can be applied repeatedly.

With nerve pain, people experience pain due to damage to the peripheral nerves, especially the feet and hands. Nerve pain is often characterized by burning sensations or shooting / stabbing / tingling pain, or may occur as numbness or chronic itching.
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Origin Biomed Neuragen PN - 1 per box (0.5 oz))