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energizing, earthy, rich
Tea Benefits of Mate Tea:
• May be energizing
• May help support appetite supression
• Delicious source of vitamins and minerals
• 100% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee

Mate teas are made from the South American yerba mate plant.  Most yerba mate comes from Argentina; at these plantations, the leaves and stems of yerba mate are harvested and then blanched, dried, aged, and finally milled or cut.  The final yerba mate tea product contains a natural energy booster.  This feel good tea is often coffee lover’s favorite tea since it has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. The energy effect is similar to that as drinking coffee but without the jitters.

Early South American tribes had discovered the wild yerba mate plant and considered the mate tea “the drink of the gods.” During the 16th century in Argentina, the Spanish conquistadors took a liking to the mate tea and spread the consumption of this nutritious herbal tea.  Eventually it was Jesuit missionaries that spread mate tea drinking and the creation of yerba mate plantations to other parts of South America.  The Jesuits found the secret to successfully growing yerba mate was the use only seeds that passed through the digestive system of certain birds.  This secret left with the Jesuits when they were expelled in 1769.  Much later, a French botanist figured out the secret of yerba mate seed germination but then disappeared.  By the early 1900s, the secret revealed itself again and cultivation of yerba mate tea on plantations resumed.

To prepare mate tea, 1 tsp of loose mate tea should be added to 8oz of boiling water.  The mate tea should steep for 5-6 minutes.  Like other herbal teas, mate tea can be blended with other teas to create a new taste and maximize health benefits.