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Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee

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Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee - Gold Coffee Company

The Parry Estate, Kona Gold Coffee Plantation, encompasses 900 rain-blessed acres. Cultivated on the highest slopes in the Kona region 2,000 feet above sea level where the rainy and dry season are clearly defined. An average rainfall of 100 inches and gentle afternoon cloud cover produce an exotic, robust, superior coffee from the Kona region. Raised on Mauna Loa's volcanic mountain slopes, bathed in crystalline water, cooled by Pacific trade winds, all combine to give Hawaiian Fancy Kona it's striking exotic character. Elegantly smooth-bodied, pleasant acidity, delicately aromatic, this seductive mixture produces a vibrant taste world renown as a varietal favorite.

- Sustainable agriculture practices - Implementing agricultural systems which minimize the impact on the environment, while preserving the cultural and social conditions of its workers
- Family owned and operated business for over 25 years
- Direct multi-national importer of Single Estate Coffees. Affiliated Plantations located in Africa, Central and South America
- Owns and operates state of art roasting facility in Palm Beach County, Florida. Small batch roasting utilizing Italian Roaster and German packaging equipment
- Total Vertical Integration- Farmer, Processor, Roaster and Importer
- Largest sustainable Coffee Plantation in the USA
- Owns and operates wet milling and dry milling processing facilities
- Total quality control - Kona's rich volcanic soil to your Cup
- Decaffeinating Process - European Swiss Water versus competitors harsh chemicals

Gold Coffee Company roasts its coffee in small batches, relying on the skill and expertise of our roastmaster rather than automated equipment. Similar to fine wines, each coffee possesses unique regional characteristics. The taste of each coffee varietal is determined by the microclimate in which it's grown and the precision of the roast. The distinctiveness of each coffee requires a precise roast level that will release the intense flavor of each individual coffee. The optimum roast is accomplished by utilizing a combination of scientific precision and life long experience. The above factors, in perfect harmony, allow you to enjoy the subtle taste characteristics between our high mountain estate grown coffees.

Gold Coffee is roasted in a large rotating drum that applies concentrated heat. The intense heat of roasting (above 400* F) triggers a complex chemical reaction within the coffee bean. After about 5 minutes in the roaster most of the moisture has evaporated, the beans swell and turn a harvest golden color radiating a grassy fragrance. At about 7 minutes "FIRST POP" occurs. The crackling sound dominates the air as the gases escape in the intense heat and the beans double in size. After 9 minutes the beans are a pale brown, weak in body, and possess a dominant sour flavor. After 11 minutes the beans reach an even brown color. Sugars and starches are now transformed into the volatile oils that give coffee the rich flavor and aroma. The longer the beans are roasted, the more these oils develop. The roastmaster is painstakingly applying his craft, watching and waiting. After 13 minutes of heating and expansion the "SECOND POP" occurs signaling the coffee is close to perfection. Color and aroma are changing every second. The flavor potential is developing in the beans as the roasting unlocks the coffee's subtle characteristics. A memorable moment occurs at about 15 minutes. A deep robust aroma saturates the air as the roastmaster spills the smoking coffee beans into a cylindrical cooling tray. where fresh air finishes the roasting process.

Centuries ago on sun drenched volcanic mountain slopes King Kamehameha constructed his personal royal fields on land that is today Kona Gold Coffee Plantation. Company archaeologists are carefully protecting the great king's legacy on historical sites throughout our property. Exotic wildlife and lush rain forest vegetation flourish in our carefully planned natural habitats. We have set aside hundreds of acres to conserve the ecological and historical heritage of this extraordinary paradise. Be assured that everyone involved in the plantation is passionately committed to the principles of preserving the fertile soils and crystalline waters for future generations through sustainable agriculture practices.

Gold Coffee Company is passionate about our Full City Roast because it accentuates our magnificent premium coffee beans. The beans are chestnut brown in color, far darker than the pale tan cinnamon roast of the typical canned or vacuumed blend. This roast's delicate balance of acidity with sweetness is characteristic of the robust flavors present in our superior high mountain estate grown coffees.

Kona Gold Coffee Plantation has a mission to grow quality coffee under an agro-forestry system, with a high level of biodiversity while ensuring the conservation of natural resources through good agricultural practices. We are dedicated to providing a professional and safe working environment that is focused on the welfare of all our employees.

We believe sustainable coffee can help create a more sustainable world. Thatís why we have teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance, the most comprehensive certification program. Not only, do we want to ensure our planet is well cared for, but we make sure our farm workers, their families, and our communities are well cared for too.

Raised on volcanic mountain slopes, bathed in crystalline water, nourished by fire and grown by special people.