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Scent Name Scent Description
Angel Whispers To truly relax and restore the body, mind and spirit, you need to release your attachments to the outside world, however compelling they may seem. It’s vitally important to make time for yourself in your own private retreat. Angel Whispers helps create this haven.
Apple Cinnamon Yum…spiced mulled cider and homemade apple pie make you feel right at home. There's nothing more cozy or inviting. Welcome home.
Baked Pear & Cinnamon Treat Open the oven and pull out your baked pear. Now sprinkle with a touch of cinnamon. Enjoy the comforting fragrance all day, everyday.
Cashmere Woods Apple-picking on a crisp autumn afternoon. Kicking through piles of fallen leaves. Sipping tea and watching the trees turn, while wrapped in the warmth of a cherished quilt. Enjoy all that fall has to offer.
Clean Linen Remember the freshness of warm, spring breezes blowing through the laundry outside. Give your home a gentle lift with Clean Linen, America's favorite Glade Fragrance!*
*Based on ACN 52-week sales for FDM for electric scented oils, gels, candles, and battery-operated automatic sprays.
Clean Linen & Sunny Days You can bring the feeling of a beautiful day into your home no matter what is going on outside.
Clear Springs Formulated to fight even the toughest cooking, pet, and bathroom odors. The invigorating scent of an untouched wilderness recalling leaves rustling softly in the breeze near rippling waters, will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.
Cool Serenity Like a day at the spa, relax with the scents of water peony flowers, sandalwood and soothing waters.
Cotton & Italian Mandarin Escape into a relaxing Italian villa with the clean and refreshing fragrance Cotton & Italian Mandarin. A breezy blend of cotton, honeydew and sandalwood complemented by sparkling citrus creates a captivating fragrance that’s not to be missed.
Country Garden Take an invigorating walk through the beautiful countryside, with blooming wildflowers and freshly cut grass. The lovely green floral scent of Country Garden evokes the senses. You can almost feel the warm sun on your skin and hear the birds chirping.
Creamy Custard & Apple Cinnamon Bite into the red and gold apples fresh from the orchard. Now savor the sweet, creamy vanilla custard. This warm scent fills your home with wholesome goodness.
Crisp Waters Imagine discovering a secluded mountain spring. The waters are crystal clear and inviting. Go ahead. Dive into a refreshing experience.
Fresh Berries Take a nap in the sunny meadow full of joyful, tart berries that are waiting to be picked from the vine - a dream come true.
French Vanilla Savor the rich sweetness of pure vanilla. It is as refreshing as a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on a warm day. Go ahead and dig in.
Fresh Berries & Wild Raspberry A luscious berry scent that's sure to conjure images of sunny days and fond memories. Not too sweet, not too tart, it’s the perfect blend of fresh berry aromas.
Fresh Scent for Pet Odors Tough Odor Solutions with Odor Fighter Technology eliminates even the strongest pet odors, leaving a wholesome, inviting fragrance in the air so your home smells fresh and clean.
Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice Enliven your senses with a spicy concoction of sweet pears, crisp apples and a dash of cinnamon and clove. Transform your home with fragrance.
Garden Retreat Slip into a tranquil sanctuary of flowers and waterfalls, where clear springs, lily of the valley and melon fragrance the air.
Hawaiian Breeze Aloha. The breeze off the Pacific Ocean mingles with the Hawaiian pineapple groves and tropical flora. You can bring the feeling of paradise to your home everyday.
Hawaiian Breeze & Vanilla Passion Fruit You can bring the feeling of paradise to your home everyday
Island Escape A Caribbean beach escape is only a moment away as the scents of blue aqua, sun-warmed figs, and ripe mango fill the air.
Jasmine & Wild Orchid A fragrance that summons echoes of the exotic East. The freshness of raindrenched wild orchid petals intermingles with hints of jasmine, pink peony and night blooming orchid to create a lush, floral scent that is relaxing and uplifting. Find it where other Glade products are sold.
Lavender & Juniper Berry Relax your senses with the fresh fragrance of lush lavender and juniper berry, eucalyptus and rose. This fragrance will lift your spirits and create a tranquil oasis in every home.
Lavender & Peach Blossom Wander into a field of rich lavender and peach trees. Lavender & Peach Blossom showers you with luxurious white sage, lilac, lavender, peach and lily. Lose yourself in this captivating blend of fruity and floral fragrances.
Lavender & Vanilla Slow down and relax with the soothing blend of lavender and warm vanilla.
Lavender Meadow Imagine running your hands through an open field of lush lavender blossoms, as they gently sway in the wind. Glade Lavender Meadow helps capture a moment of pure relaxation.
Lemongrass & Citrus Discover the invigorating experience of Lemongrass & Citrus. Enjoy the revitalizing and cleansing scent of lemongrass mixed with a delicate hint of citrus highlights.
Magic Meadow It’s time to liven things up! The revitalizing scents of fresh grass, morning dew, and white jasmine combine in a unique way. You’ll find something awakened not just in your home, but in you.
Moonlit Walk & Wandering Stream The night is vast and majestic underneath a starry sky. All is silent except for the distant sound of rippling water. Savor the moment with this rich, romantic scent.
Ocean Blue Let the fresh scent of water flowers and ocean surf wash over you. Just like footprints on the beach, it will leave a happy impression.
Ocean Blue & Refreshing Surf Just like footprints on the beach, it will leave a happy impression
Pineapple & Mangosteen Take a daily trip to the tropics with the alluring fragrance of juicy pineapple and a hint of tangy mangosteen, ripe coconut and blossoming passionflower.
Playful Paradise It’s time to get playful! The scents of ocean mist, orange blossom, and sandalwood will turn your home into a Playful Paradise. It’s the perfect way to spring into a new season. Available at limited retailers.
Polka Dot Petals Let cheerful blossoms help you get moving. Dive into the joyful medley of honeysuckle, lily of the valley, and pineapple. Drift off to a peaceful place where freshness thrives.
Red Honeysuckle Nectar Red Honeysuckle Nectar bursts with floral sweetness. Experience a rich bouquet of honeysuckle, lotus flower, pink lady apple and dewberry. Brighten the mood of every room.
Refreshing Citrus Enjoy the revitalizing and cleansing scent of fresh citrus.
Refreshing Spa Glade Refreshing Spa fragrance will leave your bathroom smelling great!
Sweet Pea & Lilac On a warm, summer day, you stroll through lush gardens filled with sweet pea flowers and fresh lilacs. You're greeted by a light, gentle fragrance that welcomes you in and puts your mind at ease.
Sheer White Cotton Wrap yourself in the warm comfort of freshly laundered linens. Sheer White Cotton is a captivating blend of floral, fruity and woody notes—including freesia and lime—that embraces you in its soft, relaxing folds. Find it where other Glade products are sold.
Sherbet Sunshine Cool off with a sweet treat in the sun. Sherbet Sunshine is bursting with the scents of creamy vanilla, raspberry, and waffle cone. It’s a fun way to bring some sunshine indoors! Available at limited retailers.
Tropical Mist Savor the mingled scents of pineapples, papayas, kiwis and melons, and you might find yourself swept away to a faraway beach.
White Tea & Lily Welcome guests in your home to the restful retreat of Glade White Tea & Lily. It is perfect for creating a spa like atmosphere for the everyday.
Water Blossoms Enjoy the clean, refreshing fragrance found near a gentle brook when lavender, Casablanca lily and fresh water meet.