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Urine diabetics testing
Ketone and Reagent Strips for urinalysis
Arkray's DiaScreen 10
Bayer's Clinistix, Diastix, Keto-Diastix, Ketostix and Ketostix in foil
Flents Urine Analysis pH Test Strips 2-12 pH Range or 1 to 14 pH Range
Roche's Chemstrip K, Chemstrip uGK, Chemstrip 9 and Chemstrip 10 sg
Siemens Bayer's Multistix 10 SG, Uristix 4 amd Uristix Reagent
Teco URS-1G Glucose Strips or Teco URS-2K Ketone-Strips
Specimen Collection Container Screw Cap

Urine strips have the advantage of being pain free but the disadvantage of not bring as accurate as a blood glucose meter.

For some, urine testing is a more then adequate method to test glucose especially for diabetics who do not need exact blood glucose levels. Glucose only appears in the urine (for most people) when glucose levels in the blood reaches above 10 mmol/L (180 mg/dl). At this point the kidney can no longer reabsorb all the glucose being filtered and glucose appears in the urine. If you blood glucose levels are below 10 mmol/L (180 mg/dL) then urine test strips will not provide a result. Thus always use a blood glucose meter when testing for low blood glucose levels, hypoglycaemia as it will give you an accurate reading regardless of what your blood glucose is.
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Chemstrip 10 With SG Strips Use for Glucose and Ketones  Box of 100 Diastix -  50 pk Diastix - 100 pk
Diastix - 50 pk
Our Price: $8.17
Diastix - 100 pk
Our Price: $14.97
Keto Diastix - 50 pk Keto Diastix - 100 pk Ketostix -  50 strips
Keto Diastix - 50 pk
Our Price: $14.57
Keto Diastix - 100 pk
Our Price: $23.47
Ketostix - 50 strips
Our Price: $12.27
Ketostix - 100 pk Multistix 10 SG Reagent Strips Box of 100 TRUEplus Ketone Test Strips 50 Ct.
Ketostix - 100 pk
Our Price: $19.27
Uristix Reagent Strips Box of 100