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Appraise A1c Test Kit
Bayer's A1CNow SELFCHECK with 2 tests
Bayer's A1CNow+ with 10 or 20 tests

Diabetes Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Home Blood Glucose Test

Appraiseģ A1c result shows your average blood glucose (or blood sugar) level for the last 3 months. Results can be received in as little as three days online

OR the

A1CNow Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Bayer's Metrika A1CNow+ provides you with a fast and easy way of obtaining accurate A1C results with 2 tests or 10 tests or 20 tests. This portable hand-held A1C blood glucose meter can provide highly accurate lab-quality A1C test results in just five minutes with a finger stick blood sample.

Benefits of HbA1c Tests

Your Relationship of blood sugar spikes, that happen when you eat, directly impacts your HbA1c percentage.
- A compound created in your body when excess blood sugar sticks to a protein in your red blood cells called hemoglobin (Hb).
- The higher your blood sugar, the higher your HbA1c value.
- Formed over time.
- Normal 3.5% to 5.5%.

A1c is a good gauge of your risk of serious long-term complications.

Research has shown that with an A1c of 7 percent or less.
- Risk of developing potentially blinding eye complications goes down 76 percent.
- Risk of kidney disease decreases by 56 percent.
- Risk of painful nerve damage is reduced by 56 percent.

In general, every percentage point drop in A1C blood test results (e.g., from 8.0% to 7.0%) reduces the risk of micro-vascular complications (eye, kidney, and nerve diseases) by 40%.

The A1C goal for most people with diabetes is less than 7%. Unfortunately, almost half of adults with diabetes have an A1C of 7% or higher.

Different from the tests you do at home with a glucose meter.