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David's Kosher Salt

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David's Kosher Salt

David's Kosher Salt has no additives, and has big crystals with a large surface area, which allows it to absorb more moisture than other forms of salt, making it excellent for curing meats. Kosher salt, historically, is not kosher, but is used to make meats kosher, by removing any final traces of blood; the consumption of blood is prohibited under Kosher law. David's Kosher Salt is also a great all-purpose salt - and terrific for cooking because it dissolves more quickly. It is has a more subtle flavor than standard table salt.

Jewish health law involves the dehydration of meat for its preservation. The practice of preserving food can be traced to ancient times, when fruits and vegetables were dried, cereal grains were parched, and fish and game were salted and dried.

This salting practice in ancient times became a requirement, and to this day, was to prevent meats (and other foods) from deteriorating, so it could be kept long enough, to allow its gradual consumption over a period of time after the slaughter or sacrifice of the animal.

This basic law, to ensure the hygienic distribution and consumption of the meat, was also a central ritual for many other religions. It became a part of a ďcovenant,Ē particularly for the Jewish religion, and around which, most other religions, developed. In addition to the religious uses today for Kosher salt, it is used by gourmet cooks who prefer its texture, and the fact that it is is an additive-free coarse-grained salt.