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Convatec Ostomy
ActiveLife ActiveLife
The one-piece system that patients and nurses have trusted for more than 20 years. Lightweight and flexible, ActiveLife ostomy system is a simple, easy-to-use, ostomy system that combines the skin barrier and pouch into one unit. ActiveLife one-piece drainable pouch with Stomahesive Skin Barrier is designed for maximum comfort.
ConvaTec Moldable Technology ConvaTec Moldable Technology
Discover improved skin protection - ConvaTec Moldable Technology skin barriers help prevent skin complications by eliminating gaps between the stoma and the adhesive barrier. Soft, pliable adhesive rolls open to fit desired stoma size and shape, with no cutting necessary. The flexible adhesive gently hugs individual stoma contours creating a secure, personalized fit.
Esteem Synery Esteem synergy
Esteem synergy ostomy system features an innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology. Instead of plastic rings, a patented foam adhesive allows the pouch to be securely attached to the skin barrier on a clear plastic ďLanding ZoneĒ flange. The result is a low profile, flexible, two-piece system. Esteem synergy skin barriers feature Stomahesive and Durahesive technologies and are designed to be gentle yet durable to protect sensitive peristomal skin.
Durahesive Durahesive
Durahesive skin barriers are designed for people whose stoma output is mostly liquid. Unlike other skin barriers that can breakdown around liquid output, Durahesive skin barriers swell up or "Turtleneck" to better protect the stoma and peristomal skin. This effect helps create a more secure seal without harming the skin.
Eakin Eakin Cohesive
Eakin Cohesive Seals can be molded to a variety of shapes to help prevent leakage around the stoma by acting as filler for uneven skin surfaces.
Little Ones Little Ones
With ConvaTec's Little Ones Ostomy System, finding the right ostomy system is elementary. Each product has been specially designed to comfortably fit a child's unique body contours. All Little Ones products are flexible, durable and easy to remove so there's little discomfort. Parents love them because they let kids get on with the business of just being kids!
Sur-Fit Natura SUR-FIT Natura
The only traditional two-piece system that gives you the moldable advantage. The SUR-FIT Natura ostomy system is a comprehensive product line with our latest skin barrier technologies. The plastic coupling ring allows the pouch and skin barrier to snap together for audible security. Only the SUR-FIT Natura ostomy system is available with ConvaTec Moldable Technology skin barriers. These barriers hug the individual contours of your stoma to allow for a secure, personalized fit without the need for scissors.
Stomahesive Stomahesive
Stomahesive skin barriers are recommended for people whose stoma output is semi-formed to formed. This reliable skin barrier provides a special formula that enables the skin barrier to adhere to both dry and moist skin. It holds firmly to skin while helping to protect against irritating output.
Visi-Flow Visi-Flow
Visi-Flow is designed for a person living with a colostomy for whom irrigation is indicated. It contains a complete irrigation system that offers the advantage of flow visibility and control, easy front filling and a removable stoma cone.
Other Items Other Products
Other items such as Night Drainage, Ostomy Appliance Belt, Tail Closures etc...
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