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Extend Snacks benefits at a glance

Appetite Control Helps prevent low blood sugar Helps prevent high blood sugar Helps protect your heart

Helps control hunger between meals

- Reduces calories consumed at your next meal an average of 21%

Reduces disturbing overnight lows by 75%

- Keeps blood sugar levels stable during and even hours after exercise

- Prevents blood sugar levels from dropping too low when a meal gets delayed

Won't spike blood sugar after eating

- Reduces morning blood sugar highs by an average of 28%

Low in fat

- Cholesterol-free
- Contains no trans-fats

- High in Soluble Fiber (Delight)

The Extended-Action SNACKS to Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels for up to 9 Hours

conversions to glucose over 9 hours The carbohydrates contained in most foods we eat are faster-acting carbohydrates that convert to blood sugar within a couple of hours and can cause blood sugar to spike dramatically. For this reason, health care professionals may caution individuals with diabetes to limit the amount of carbohydrates they eat.

Extend Snacks' patented blend is different. Its unique combination of slower-acting and faster-acting carbohydrates, combined with protein and fat converts gradually to blood sugar over 7-9 hours. So like low carb, high protein foods, Extend Snacks won't spike your blood sugar. But unlike these low carb, high protein foods, Extend Snacks continue to supply your body with the blood sugar it needs to function properly far longer - up to 9 hours.

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